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"You were instrumental on how to analyze my job transition  / opportunities and while the final decision was mine I appreciate your ability to be natural and objective on what is best for me. I did learn lots about my blind spots and the different hats I need to wear when talking to different people / personality styles.  Most of all how to breath, wait and then respond.  Also the linking to inner child and recognizing when we go back to that first reaction of fear or other emotions can still have an effect in our adult lives. I have enjoyed out time together in 2016. Thanks for all that you have done to raise my awareness and make me a better communicator. " 

"It was the first year that I strongly realized how thankful I am to people who touched my life, to events that happened in my life and many small things surrounding me. You gave me many tools to fully live my life. It was the best give ever! Thank you very much.  Thanks again for being part of my life..."

“I’m super grateful for having worked with you and hope to return as needed. I’ve learned a lot about myself by way of EMDR!  You are a very good EMDR therapist and I like you very much”