Therapeutic Approach

The therapy process will initially focus on the concerns that brought you to my office. Together we will set specific and measurable goals, and highlight your strengths, resources and positive aspects of your life, as well as explore the difficulties you are experiencing. I tailor the counseling process to fit your needs versus applying a "one size fits all" approach.

Through my experience I realize that successful therapy relies on the relationship you build together with your therapist. Because the relationship with the therapist is so essential to the effectiveness of the process, it is very important that you find someone with whom you feel a comfortable connection, and can develop an honest relationship based on trust and open communication. In therapy, you intentionally make yourself vulnerable to another human being and you may talk about things that are very painful for you. It is the very process of a trusting relationship and knowing that the therapeutic relationship permits you to safely explore feelings as well as deeply felt sources of conflict and dissatisfaction that will finally allow you to make lasting, positive changes in your life.

In some cases, I offer clients the use self-assessment tools like the Enneagram. These tools are powerful for understanding our own patterns, automatic reactions and blind spots which helps us become more flexible and skillful with ourselves and with others in our lives.

In most cases, therapy has been shown to be beneficial in reducing feelings of distress, providing solutions to specific problems, and helpful to improving relationships. Many people who go through therapy come out feeling stronger. Because of the exploratory nature of therapy, it is not possible to predict the outcome of your therapy or guarantee its success. Throughout the course of therapy, evaluation of your progress in achieving you goals will be part of our ongoing discussion.